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UDPRecv Timeout problem


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I've been playing with UDP and have a slight problem with UDPRecv, it times out after 100ms. Is there a way to check if data is available before doing UDPRecv? It's slowing my code down too much waiting.

I did find an old post about the problem:

The 2nd post has some code at the bottom which looks useful, but I can't work out how to use it :(
Can anyone help?

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The UDP comms happens to have 'both ends' on the same PC for this particular task (easiest way for me to bulk transfer a random amount of data between 2 process').
This means I could potentially send a message to indicate that a UDP packet has been sent prior to doing UDPRecv()

Having never used this method, I am a little lost on where to start (google isn't giving me simple enough answers that I can understand). It would either need to be event driven or not based on something that waits.

I'm open to suggestions :)


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