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Facebook post loud reader - problem with pressing button

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Hello everyone!

I'm a noob to Autoit and a hobby-time programmer for a while.

I'm looking to start a script that will use a Text-To-Speech library to read loudly the posts in the newsfeed, and to like everything that I don't respond to (eg. If I don't press any key after 5 seconds of hearing the post, just like it and go down). I've tried the chrome library for Autoit to do some primitive task first (like liking the first post in the newsfeed anyway)

#include <AutoItConstants.au3>
#Include <Array.au3>
#Include <Chrome.au3>

_ChromeStartup("https://facebook.com") ; I'm usually already logged in

Sleep(15000) ; Wait till it loads on my PC

MouseWheel("down", 2) ; Random tasks to see the script is running
MouseWheel($MOUSE_WHEEL_DOWN, 2)

_ChromeInputClickByType("Like")          ; None of these
_ChromeInputClickByType("UFILikeLink")  ; Seem to work

I've attached the Chrome library that I've seen on Google. I don't know why those commands don't work, although the ID of the buttons are accurate. So the script does everything it's supposed to do in Chrome apart from pressing "like". If anybody could help me with this, I'd be greatly appreciative!


With best wishes,



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