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Copy selected text in edge browser not working

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I have to grab text from a window in edge browser.

When I activate the window and send ^a and then ^c in Chrome -- text is highlighted and then copied into the clipboard.

When I activate the window and send ^a and then ^c in the edge browser  text is highlighted but not copied into the clipboard.

I verify this by going into notepad and trying to paste which works if the page was in chrome but does not if the page is in edge.

I tested this using the web page of the New York Times.


AutoItX3 x3 = new AutoItX3();
x3.AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 2);

x3.WinActivate("The New York");
x3.WinWaitActive("The New York");



If I am missing something please let me know. Otherwise if you could give me some help on how to pullout the text from a page using the edge browser I would be very grateful.





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The web site I need to grab info from does not work in chrome.

That web site has been undergoing a lot of revisions.  For several years it only worked in explorer 8.  Then it worked in 10 and 11 and chrome.  Then it did not seem to work at all in any browser. I thought it only worked in edge now but I have been testing some more and i see it now works in explorer 11 and I can grab the text from there.

I would like to know why I can't copy the selected text into the clipboard in the edge browser though.  You say it works for you -- can you tell me which version of the edge browser you are using?  Mine is:

Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0

Microsoft EdgeHTML 14.14393

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