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Program specific command with idle mouse times.

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Hey everyone. I've just installed autoit for the first time and I was just hoping if someone could help me here..

What I need is a script that should run only on Google Chrome 64 bit on a windows 10 machine.

The Script should do this => If mouse X and Y movements are idle for 0.5 seconds then do keyboard shortcut = Alt+a . However when not idle for 0.1 microseconds then press Alt+z instead.  That is it . So everytime mouse is idle throw in Alt+a once then when not idle throw in Alt+z once and when again idle then throw Alt+a once. and so on....


Will appreciate any help. Thanks.

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@omairhe welcome to the forum. What, exactly, are you trying to do? We have a Chrome UDF, and if you could explain what you're trying to accomplish on the web page, there is bound to be a better way than mouseclicks.

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Hi @omairhe.

Maybe look into something like MouseGetPos and Send.


If you want something to be done in the browser, maybe look into if some of this can be done in JavaScript? If it's not a page, you have access to changing the code, check out tampermonkey

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