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Need help to do a script for when a program is ready do hotkey.

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Hello, i need do a .exe to use it for, when startup Windows and the program is ready send the program to Tray and do a hotkey (Control + 2).

I dont know so much of script, was try with the Autorecorder and convert to exe but dont work...

Anyone can help my with this?

_WinWaitActivate("classname=Shell_TrayWnd","Mouse Recorder Premium 1.0.46")

Thx very much for yout time^^



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Hi and welcome,

There are a few steps needed to get this started:

Build a little script using Shellexecute to start your software, compile it ( it then becomes an exe file ).

Now copy this executable into your windows startup folder and test.

Once you get that working you can add more commands to your script winwaitactive and sends to manipulate the now running software.

Try to use ControlSend , ControlCommands wherever possible or find the keyboard shortcut that starts your desired function and have Autoit 'send' that.

Note: need more info about what you mean with "Send program to tray" does it go there when started?

Give it a shot and come back if you get stuck.

Good luck !


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