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sql get selected item in listviewer

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I'm use the ADO.udf for this project. I used this code to read the selected items from the listview. It works fine, but I wanted to pull the string from column 2 selected item instead of showing me the whole column string. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?




Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3

John | Buy school supply | 25

James | Donate to Charity| 30

Jacob | Buy Misc Items | 40


When I select James (Row 2); it's currently showing: James | Donate to Charity| 30. Which I only need it to show "Donate to Charity". The only reason I'm looking for the second column is if I have to delete the data, I can query to delete the record by user name = James and that status is equal to Donate to Charity.

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