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Hi Everyone, I got a little problem with trying to create a script to automate a remote desktop application that I use on a daily basis. Here is the problem:

Part of my script is waiting for a new window after selecting from the main app. The problem is that window title changes depending the information you click. Here is the code so you can check it:

Local $sPO = PO NUMBER

WinWait("Purchase Order: " & $sPO &" (Remote)","",60)
 if WinExists("Purchase Order: " & $sPO &" (Remote)") = 1 Then
  Local $sTemp2 = "Purchase Order: " & $sPO &" (Remote)"
  MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "INFO1", $sTemp2) ;just for debug purposes
   MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "DEBUG INFO", "") ;just for debug purposes
   Local $sTemp2 = " (Remote)"
   MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "INFO2", $sTemp2) ;just for debug purposes
  until WinWait(" (Remote)"," (Remote)","")


Example #1 (Using the $sPO = JOEL011A) (00.JPG and 01.JPG)

The script runs perfectly, enters on the if statement, assigns the $sTemp2 variable the name of the window, and then continues to WinActivate, the process continues flawlessly.

Example #2 (Using the $sPO = 1020145428) (02.JPG and 03.JPG)

The scripts enter into the if statement, because the window title is " (Remote)", the script goes to the else statement, but do not exits the WinWait, but continues looping, therefore the window never gets activated by WinActivate.

What I am doing wrong?

Please help, thanks, regards.






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