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Microsoft.XMLHTTP POST unable to communicate to HTTPS webservice

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I am trying to send a message to my Windows server 2012 hosting a webservice with TLS-1.2 enabled but i am not getting any message on the server.

Initially with HTTP website and TLS-1.2 disabled the connection was properly working and the message was being received properly.

I am using :

$fvURL: HTTPS:\\url to my server\

Func CallWebSvc($fvURL, $fvVerb="POST", $fvBody="", $fvHeaders="")
    $tvSvc = ObjCreate("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
    $tvSvc.open($fvVerb, $fvURL, False)

    If IsArray($fvHeaders) Then
        For $tvIt = 0 to UBound($fvHeaders) - 1
            $tvHName = StringLeft($fvHeaders[$tvIt], StringInStr($fvHeaders[$tvIt], "=") - 1)
            $tvHVal = StringTrimLeft($fvHeaders[$tvIt], StringInStr($fvHeaders[$tvIt], "="))
            $tvSvc.setRequestHeader($tvHName, $tvHVal)

    Return $tvSvc.responseText


Can someone please suggest any change or what i might be doing wrong?

Its kind of urgent.

Thanks in advance.


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