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easily incorporate ninite into automation script

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Hey all.  Months ago, I was working on a way to automate the process of accessing ninite's Web page, selecting the items I wanted to include in the ninite installer, and downloading the installer.  I ended up doing this the hard way by manually checking each checkbox object corresponding to the application I wanted to include in the installer.  As my previous statement implies, there is a much easier method of doing this, provided by the ninite developers in their help section: turns out you can customize the url for the ninite page to automatically have certain applications pre-selected when the page is loaded, so all that is left to actually script is to submit the form and download the file:

Ninite pre-selected apps.

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So I wanted to update this ancient post with an actual example, as well as some more information to those who want it.  For those who read the link I post previously, you can create a ninite installer by specifying the installs you want in the url delimited by "/".  You might ask "how do I figure out the names used to call each installer."  There is actually a really nifty tool hosted here on the forums that I have been using since the day I found it that can give you that info:

Simply launch the tool, navigate to ninite's web page, capture the source for the page, go to "form elements", and look at the "Value:" variable in the "Extra information" column, which will look like so:

2017-03-17 20_51_26-Internet GUI.png

Then, you can create your autoit script like so:

$file = InetGet ( "https://ninite.com/.net4.6.2-7zip-air-cutepdf-java8-shockwave-silverlight/ninite.exe", "C:\ninite.exe", 2 )
InetClose ( $file )

Then, we combined with this script:

Say hello to fully, 100% automated ninite installation, from internet to install.

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