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Create button with edit/rename option on right click


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Hi i would like to create a table of buttons, each button has its name and opens a file or does one action.

I need to often change the names of this buttons, or change the file locations or  actions of a current button...

Is it possible that on right click of each button i can get a text window popup where i change the name and action for current button(directly in windows, without going to scite and opening the full code)?



P.s. This is an image of what i want to do, right now if i want to change name or action on a button or delete-move button, i have to open scite and find code for each button, then change it, and it takes alot of time... (so is there a way that i can right click the button in windows, and then i get  a popup with the name and code of this button only, so i can edit it and save?)

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You might want to have an init file that your executable can read for the button names.  Then just update that init file as needed.  (I assume you want these changes to persist from one execution to the next.)  Or, more simply, put all the create functions in a separate .au3 file that you include.  Use your #region definitions to narrow down the area of interest quickly.


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