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Saving a running code to different directory


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Not sure if this is actually possible or not.

I am running the code TEST.EXE from a location. After the actions, changing the text of the button "TEST" to "DONE". Until here all looks fine and I am able to see the button with the new TEXT applying the GUISETState to verify. But I want to have the code with these changes to be saved to a different directory $Dest.

And here is the issue. If I am copying the file from Source to new Destination... the new file does not show the changes made.

It looks like the changes made are within the code itself but does not apply to the actions.

Is there any way, I can save the file with the new changes to a different directory?


Please Help...

$Src = @WorkingDir & '\Test.exe' ; Getting Script running location
    $Dest = @DocumentsCommonDir & '\Test Folder'

    $Button = GUICtrlCreateButton("Test", 40, 64, 187, 33)

    GUICtrlSetData($Button, "Done") ; Changing Text of the GUI Button

FileCopy($Src, $Dest, 1) ; Copy Source file with the new changes to Destination Directory


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Normally if you want buttons, settings etc to be saved between settings you save them to an INI file.

See my sig for an example.

Or did I misunderstand your situation...?

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The reason I am changing TEXT in the GUI Button and trying to save the code to a different location with the new changes made so that I can launch the code later from the new location and it should run showing the Button Text with the changes made.

Hope I am not confusing here.

Not sure of the INI part. I'll check that once...

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