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Log In BOT On Bluestacks [Solved]

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So, I wanted to make a bot capable of doing the following things in Nox/any android emulator :

Log in the app(email+password+1 mouse click) 

Do about 3 mouse clicks(with time breaks between them, since the time that the app takes to load might change) 

Double click, and scroll down (press and move down on bluestacks, maybe I can change that on the settings but if necessary I can avoid this step by adding a bunch of more clicks) 


Log off, and to the same with a different account (similar email, same password) 

I'm taking some autoit code lessons on YouTube but besides that I'm completly new to this, so a little help would be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance! 



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for bluestack click here

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ill get to that... i still need to learn and understand a lot of codes graduated.gif

Correct answer, learn to walk before you take on that marathon.

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@Martim, What exactly is the intent of this thread/question, in other words, what are you trying to do with BlueStack?


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