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Autoit Crashing periodicly

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So, I am using my script with Nox, and from time to time, when it tries to drag (MouseClickDrag), it just freezes both the script, the emulator, and almost my entire computer. When I move the mouse it's all laggy, but if I do a random mouse click,both the emulator and the script will restart working exactly from where they stopped . I don't know if this has to do with the emulator or the script , but I would bet the problem its in the drag function. I simply didn't wanna recode all my script, so is there any function that tracks mouse movements and does a random click if the mouse stays in the same place for a long time..

Thanks in advance, I'm very new to this! 

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Why start a new thread without finishing your previous one? There is still a question there.


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You can edit the first post in that thread to include the word SOLVED. We do not delete threads if we can help it.

I will point out, if you intend to receive help on Bluestacks in this thread, you still need to answer Jos' question.

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