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MSLx Fanboy

Maybe you could clarify the question better, however, using FileGetAttrib would tell you if it is a directory, and then you can just FileFindFirstFile on that as well.

You might be able to find a UDF either in the public, the beta, or somewhere in the forums, that recursively searches through folders...

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Local $Handle = FileFindFirstFile(@WindowsDir & '\*.*')

The FileFindFirstFile() call determines which folder to search for files. If you'd like to subsequently search a different folder, you'll need to initiate a new search by calling FileFindFirstFile() again.

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well, i was just asking myself, but:

can one select the folder in which the script should "filefindnextfile"?

('cause just the files in the scriptdir aren't enough for a project i've got in mind...)



Just add your Dir & Foldername like so.

$search = FileFindFirstFile("c:\SomeFolderName\*.*")

or to have the user chose a directory - look at:

FileSelectFolder("Choose a folder.", "")



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I know this ain't the right place for me to say this, but an idea just dropped to my head when I saw

this topic. What about adding an optional parameter to FileFindFirstFile, where you can specify what

kind of things it should search for.

1 - Files
2 - Folders
(default is 3)

..just sharing my magnificent mind :P

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