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_IEAction don't work with <span>


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When my script run this code (without errors/warnings) , in theory should click the object, but wait a few seconds without click them (more then 1,5) and then closes


$ObjData = _IEGetObjById($ObjForm[0], "sendlogs_button")
_IEAction($ObjData, "click")


<div class="send-container">
  <span class="send-logs show" id="sendlogs_button" style="cursor: pointer;">
    Send logs to an Admin

Sorry for my bad english ^^

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Not much to go on from your post. You could try adding some logging to make sure that you are getting the correct object:

ConsoleWrite("nodeName = " & $ObjData.nodeName &  @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite("Classname = " & $ObjData.classname &  @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite("Innertext = " & $ObjData.innertext &  @CRLF)


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