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error custom function

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hi guys  i have a part of script with  this  code


but  when i try to run i have  this error

"E:\_GESTIONALE_NEW\GEST_NEW.au3"(4171,47) : error: _Inizializza_eBay_Param() called by a previous line with 0 arg(s). Min = 1. First previous line calling this Func is 475.
Func _Inizializza_eBay_Param($utenteFAKEorNOT)
E:\_GESTIONALE_NEW\GEST_NEW.au3 - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

what signs this error???

i change the function  _Inizializza_eBay_Param()   to _Inizializza_eBay_Param($utenteFAKEorNOT)    o_O

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