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Running Program From Network Share...

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I'm getting error when I run this script after login....I get no error if I run it on a local machine directly from the UNCOMPILED version...

Here is the complete script edited for security...


;First we must declare the following variables


Dim $UserName, $DomainName, $Password, $RunProgram, $RunPath


;Next we will assign values to those variables


$UserName = "user"

$DomainName = "domain"

$Password = "pwd"

$RunProgram = "\\netshare\to-my\file.exe /f /noui /noreboot"

$RunPath = "\netshare\to-my"


;Now we will perform the install based on OS


IF @OSType = "WIN32_NT" THEN

RunAsSet($UserName, $DomainName, $Password)

$val = RunWait($RunProgram, $RunPath)


ELSEIF @OSType = "WIN32_Windows" THEN

$val = RunWait($RunProgram, $RunPath)



I am getting no errors when I run the script from my local machine, however once it is compiled and called from our login script I get an error that says it can't find the path or file. What's the deal here?

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My guess would be that your permisions are different, such as does everyone have the same drives?

Does everyone have access to:

\\netshare\to-my\file.exe /f /noui /noreboot



You may have a c:\netshare\to-my directory on everyone's computer, or you might have just edited out the other \ I don't know.

anyway, does the compiled version work on your computer?

Does the compiled version work if you log on to another computer?

just a thought.

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If everyone has read access on this directory,

why bother to select between the Windows-Versions and fiddle with RunAsSet? :whistle:

A simple

$val = RunWait($RunProgram, $RunPath)

should do the job, then... and it would exclude some error sources... I hope.

Any of my own codes posted on the forum are free for use by others without any restriction of any kind. (WTFPL)

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because in order to run the program on win nt/2000 and xp you must be an admin because it writes to the registry.

Anyway.... I figured out why it wasn't running....In the ACTUAL version I misspelled the file name.

Thanks for the help.

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