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Image recognition and value in a loop

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Hi! I am very new to programming, and I'm looking to create a loop with two things. In advance, sorry if I explain some things  differently, english is not my native language.

Allright, so! 
First,  the loop has to check if the value is greater than > 0 in a game, if it  is, then it can continue until the value becomes 0.
When the value is 0, the loop can end and continue with the code to the next segment.

Then, I want it to be able to check and choose correctly for when an image captcha appears, if it's even possible. If the Image captcha appears, and there's a picture of a dog and a cat, I want it to choose the cat, because that's always the correct answer. Then after it has chosen correctly, I want the loop to continue until the value becomes 0.

Is this possible, and if so, how do I write it? I have built a small database of images currently that can appear, so can the bot choose the correct one based on this perhaps?

I can write the example code i've written for the proccess I want it to do, not including these two things and checking if one of these conditions are met.

Hope this is understandable, ask me any questions if needed!


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You say you have example code? Please include that in your post and show how far you got, then others can help you see what's wrong and/or point you in the right direction.

/edit: whoops, never mind. Game automation is not an allowed discussion topic on this forum as per the forum rules (read it, especially the bit about game automation). A mod will probably close the thread soon. Have a nice day!

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