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InetGet with username and password

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after searching the forum here my question:

I want to automatically download the source-code of sites in different web-forums.

In this forums you have to be regged.

With InetGet("http://myname:mypass@www.myforum.com", ...) I cannot connect. I only get the site which shows me to login before I have the right to access.

Is there another possibility to get the data?

The Forums base on: phpBB2 (Plus) and vBulletin



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It's a pity!

But is there no other way?

If not I'll send CTRL+U and the CTRL+S to my Firefox ;-)

Would be nice if there are any other suggestions. I thought about manipulating validity of saved cookies in IE, cause I don't use IE, and so the cookies will not be refreshed.

I'll try to read out my actual Firefox cookies and write it into a standalone IE cookie.

Thx for your reply.



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