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clicking text on a web page

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I have a web page where i can not use the usual _ie functions as it is coded in java script.

there is text "Ready" on the screen, by clicking it revels "Not Ready" which i wish to click next.

i can get the "Ready" to highlight buy sending a ^f to the screen. 

i have read everything i can find on here about trying to click the highlighted word, but nothing works,

i have tried control commands but nothing works. 

the only way i have been partly successful using the info tool to get the x,y position then using a mouseclick at

the x,y,,, but it seems that the x,y position is not constant, yes i did use option 2 for screen position.

i need a method to more the cursor to the "ready" word and click it then move the cursor to Not Ready and click that

 there has to be a way to find the word ready on the screen and move the mouse there,, can  anyone help.



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