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TFS - Query BuildStatus / Qualitiy

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No detailed problem, but more a question of "is it possible" type.

Topic is: Access as read the build quality of a build run within a given time frame (24h)

I would like to query the build quality of all/some builds done in the TFS based on the build definitions.
This may include a lot of tfs dll, for sure. And I saw some POWERSHELL scripts that does something similar to this.
Also the credentials might be a issue AFAIK . So there are several topics to be solved in the question.

I would like to have the query in Autoit, but we are here in the same boat anyway.

And before investing some time to find out , NO-way, I like to get some feedback from you.
I expect of course in the best way : final code :-) , with nothing left to do for me.

No, honestly I'm fine with just something like: "I tried it, but forget it, no way to access the collection with credentials."
or "Yes, possible but only with VS 2015.". What ever you got as a info.

If you knew a way to reuse TFS power Tools (2013) with WIQL, I'm open for a suggestion.
Also browser might be an option, as it shows the quality, but that would be last option I think.


Of course I searched the forum, but just found very old posts and none of them matches (or did I missed something? please share the post/link and forget this post.)

If you got a sample how you achieved to query a build definition/quality, I would like to see it.

Any feedback is welcome. Thx.

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