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Sleep time for Random Clicks based on Speed

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Hello, i'm very beginner in Autoit and i was trying to make a click bot for Darkorbit game, i will post what i did:


I now need help about the sleep time based in the ship speed.


I tested and my ship with speed of 588 took exactly 40 seconds for crossing from x1 to x2. in game coordinates the size from x1 to x2 is 205, and from top to bottom is 130 game units.

but in calcs it is equal to 205/40 what is equal to 5.125 game units per second. Can someone help me to make a relation between the game speed and the time spent to cross the map? and a relation of this speed with the distance in pixels...

i put a function for calculating distance and I need to calculate distance from each clicks for setting a sleep time that be less time that the needed for reaching that point, for keep the ship moving.

I'll add a repeating script when it start to work.


Thank you.

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