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The proper way to organize a GUI project


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Until now i've always coded on a single file, which is fine as i start, but not so much when i reach 1k+ lines.

I have to change the way i code, so i thought about making multiple files.

However, maybe there is a standarized way of doing. I'm always using OnEventMode. Here's what i thought :


1 file for the main loop

1 file for the GUI(s)/Anything that would affect the entire project (config/global variable)

1 file for control-related function (On button press, combo box etc)

1 file for regular functions

1 file for each type of control (though some could be regrouped, like edit and input)

1 file for the includes


What do you think ? Would that be too much ? How do you do it ?

Maybe that is more a discussion thread than a GUI help, i'll let you mods decide.

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