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   Oh does this date! Many years ago I wrote a program which incorporated a Serial I/O library. As it turned out if you un-plugged and re-plugged the USB several times this Serial I/O library would generate a GPF (General Protection Fault). Since the GPF would not happen all the time I found some code posted here that when inserted in to a AutoIT program it would cause a GPF without fail. By GPF I mean the window "This program has caused an error and needs to close".

   Does anyone remember what code I can use to cause this type of GPF on purpose so I can debug? If it isn't called GPF any more what is it called?




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I'm not sure what you mean by GPF. Do you want the program to stop responding? If so do something like this:

GUICreate("", 700, 320)
DllStructGetData(DllStructCreate("BYTE", 0x1), 1)


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