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For the umpteenth time, I’ve found myself looking for a good utility or script to get a printed listing of the contents of a directory. And by “good”, I mean one that lets you specify the columns, the headings, the fonts ... so it can easily serve different uses.

After trying Filelister and Karen’s Directory Printer (both available on Softpedia.com), it's very obvious that this is a good task for an AutoIt script. Yet, searching back 10 years only revealed half-way solutions.

Would anyone happen to know of an AutoIt script for printing a listing of a directory?


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why not open command prompt and type this "dir >> listing.txt" It will create a file with directory items put into the file, and then print the file.





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Thanks for the responses. I hadn't found the html methods. Here's a link to examples of the kind of features I was thinking of: Examples of print utilities

As you can see, they're very much in line with what AutoIt is good at, so I thought someone might have already built one. And though some of the ones listed above seem quite capable, one is stuck with their idea of what makes for a good GUI and good features.

@robertocm, I'll look closely at the examples you've pointed out to see if one might be adaptable. But for my uses, bringing up the result in a browser window isn't a good solution.

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