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V3 Beta... how beta is beta?

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Hello. I've been using the latest release version (3.1.1). There was one tiny bit of functionality I required that doesn't exist in that release but when I checked the latest beta appears to!

What I am wondering, that only the core programmers can answer probably, is if I download and install the latest beta do I risk killing my existing scripts? I realize perhaps not everything in the beta is 100% functional and tested but would everything that was in 3.1.1 still work?

If it turns out that I would be risking it... then is there some other way to achieve this:

RunWait ( 'schtasks /create /tn "Job Name" /tr "\"c:\some\path with spaces\file.exe\"" /sc daily /st ' & $hour & ':00:00 /ru "' & @UserName & '" /rp "' & $password & '" > "' & $tempfile & '"',"", @SW_HIDE)

This fails because of the > I'm using to attempt to capture the output to a file. I can't seem to do a @ComSpec version because of the quotes (I can do a simple @ComSpec but not if it involves embedded quotes).

The latest beta has support for STDERR and STDOUT so I should be able to make something work with that.

If I take the literal of the above command, eg:

schtasks /create /tn "Job Name" /tr "\"c:\some\path with spaces\file.exe\"" /sc daily /st 21:00:00 /ru "User Name With Spaces" /rp "password possibly with spaces" > %TEMP%\tempfile

and run it directly in a command prompt box it works fine. So nothing is wrong with the command in the Windows world... but I'm not giving it to AutoIt in a way it likes I guess.

Thoughts? Thanks.

- Steven

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IMO the beta is more stable then the stable.

since critical bugs have been fixed (and ofcourse tons of new functions added)

i say: give it a try, and if you dont like it, you can always revert back to the stable.

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Hey, Thanks Larry!!! I can never seem to figure out all the quoting schemes. I'll study what you did there to see if I can learn so I don't have to ask that kind of thing again.

- Steven

ps. I've noticed and asked this many times before... WHY DOESN'T EMAIL NOTIFICATION WORK??? I have never received an email notification of a reply to one of my posts. YES, "enable email notification" is checked... YES, my email address is correct in my profile. Its only this forum. I just found a question I had asked back in '04 that had several answers to it but I didn't see it until now because of this.

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Well how about that. The first time it ever works for me is right after someone finally posts saying it works for them lol.

I did change something though, and it was odd:

In my usercp it says to default email notifications to "instant" but when I looked at my subscriptions (this one) it was set to "delay". So when Larry responded I did not receive anything then I changed it to "instant" and yes, I did receive one when you posted.

I just don't know why "delay" doesn't work, but regardless why was it set to that when my default is to instant?

Whatever.. at least now I think I know what to do in order to receive future notifications.

- Steven

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