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Bass UDF questions

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So I'm thinking of switching from wmp to bass because I want to incorporate a multiband mastering compressor and limiter in my player. A few issues I'm having if they can be cleared up.

1/ If I have a playlist, do I need to call the VST every time a new song begins? That's the way it seems right now with how the instructions and all examples are structured:

Initiate BASS -> Load song create handle -> Get handle & Apply VST -> Get handle & Play

I would like to call the VST once, and then every time a new song plays it picks up that plugin. So the VST and load songs load have to be reversed.

I'm sure something like this has to be possible, but just not in the examples. Any ideas?

2/ I don't understand how to use BASS_VST_GetParamInfo. I'm not getting anything returned even though I'm getting returns from _BASS_VST_GetParamCount() and _BASS_VST_GetProgramCount(). 

$99 = _BASS_VST_GetParamCount($chan)    ;works
MsgBox(0,"Parameter Count",$99)

$99 = _BASS_VST_GetParam($chan, 3)      ;works
MsgBox(0,"Parameter Value",$99)

$99 = _BASS_VST_GetParamInfo($chan, 3)
MsgBox(0,"Parameter Info 1",$99)

BASS_VST_GetParamInfo instructions says something about getting the values from BASS_VST_Get_Param_Info Class, but I don't understand how to implement it or retrieve it.

3/ I'm using _BASS_VST_SetParam in order to setup my VST settings. However, the VST that I'm using takes 1.5 to 2.3 sec to setup going that route. I believe doing it with BASS_VST_SetProgramParam may speed it up, but I'm not too clear on how to create an array for dlls. Could someone provide an example for this please?

4/ Before I get any deeper, is there anything better out there that provides VST implementation/inclusion.

5/ More questions to come...maybe...but this is it for now.




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