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Using autoIT to search numbers on a site and extract data

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Essentially I'm trying to automate the task of logging into a few different websites, enter in purchase order numbers, and then have the factory sales order number and ship dates fill into a spreadsheet so I won't have to do each one individually. I've have already automated the logging in part but now I'm stuck on how I would approach the site to look up several PO's and give me the info that it finds. Here's what worked for me to log in - but I have no idea if I'm breaking any "rules". Is this a reachable task? This would clear up about 3 hours of point and click type work for me a week that I don't always have time to do. Attached is the script that allowed me to successfully log into the given site.



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@Billiammax the request is not necessary against the rules. It is, however, going to be difficult to assist you without a lot of information from your end. Since no one here is going to have a log in so they can see what you're seeing, we'll need you to walk us through the process step by step, preferably with screenshots. We can then assist you with grabbing the objects you need to interact with. As you state the log in is set, I would suggest you start with "Step 1" after login, and show us what you click on next.

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So after I'm logged in, you will encounter this screen.

step 1 po.PNG

Next I would enter the PO number under 'po search'. The po # I would enter would be something like 481975.

step 2 order.PNG

Now that my order is found I would need to click the order number link (2909344).

Inspect element looks like this:

step 2 ins ele.PNG

Once inside the order screen I get this

step 3 extract data.PNG

The info I would like reported is the

Order number




Part number


Ship date

ship date.PNG

and total


Then repeat the process with a new PO number. Ideally being able to either put in 10 different PO's as variables and have them cycle or have some sort of message box that allows me to enter the PO #'s then use those entered numbers as variables.


I'm still doing my best to work and understand autoIT and get this going but I figured it would be fun for some of you problem solving types out there. You guys are extremely smart and great at what you do.


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