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Need Help With A Simple Software

Guest yomama

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Guest yomama

i just downloaded this thing, but i have a hard time with its instructions (too small)

i have the Crimson Editor, what do i save it as?

say i want to create a software with this script

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


; AutoIt Version: 3.0

; Language: English

; Platform: Win9x / NT

AutoItSetOption("TrayIconDebug", 1)

AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)



$title="My AutoIt3 Html"

If FileWriteLine($file, "<title>"&$title&"</title>")=0 Then exit

FileWriteLine($file, "<body bgcolor="& $color &"><font size=-2>" )

If StringInStr(" "&clipget(),"<br>")>0 Then

FileWriteLine($file, clipget() )


FileWriteLine($file, StringReplace(clipget(),@CRLF,"<br>") )


FileWriteLine($file, "<br><center><a href=close()>close</a>" )

Run('C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE -k '& @ScriptDir &'\'&$file,'',@SW_HIDE)

WinWait ( $title, "")

WinMove ( $title, "", 10, 10, 400, 400)

WinShow ($title, "", @SW_RESTORE)

While winexists($title)




winclose("Cannot find server")


how do i test it? and how do i save it as?

if someone could make it into a software, please send it to

domesticdeamon2003@yahoo.com thatl b great help.

a :whistle:B):angry::evil::lmao::P:(

ps. if yo give me a virus il trace your ip and sue you

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For an editor, see the thread in this forum titled 'SciTE Editor Autoit Settings'.

I used to use Crimson Editor, but I switched to SciTE now that I am using AutoIt v3 (rather than v2). It includes the current syntax highlighting, etc. for AutoIt v3.

The instructions for installing it are in that thread.

Hope this helps,


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Save the file with a au3 extension (i.e something like MyScript.au3). You have two options: either double click on this file in windows explorer or run AutoIt3 (from the start menu) and then open the file from the File Open dialog. This will run the script.

As for testing, until the debug version of AutoIt3 comes out, the best way is to either write debug statements into a file or use the TrayTip option. Also remember the mantra of write a little, test it thoroughly and only write some more when you are sure that it works.


P.S. This forum is one of the most helpful, and tolerant, forums I know as well as being very aware of the potential for abusing AutoIt3 to do damage. In fact, some potentially very useful features are deliberately excluded from AutoIt3 because of the potential for abuse or for the fact that virus checkers might classify AutoIt3 as a virus.

Saying that I doubt if anybody will actually provide you with an executable to do what you want. What we will do is help you polish/debug your script or give you example scripts to achieve what you want to do. With example scripts you should be able to work out exactly what is going on and satisfy yourself that there is no malicious intent in the script


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yomama has sent you this email from http://www.hiddensoft.com/forum/index.php.

thanks for the help, i just downloaded it today. But after u do the editor, do you save as .aut ? or .au3 ? and then what do you do with the conversion? thanks

Glad you got it installed. Here's a few tips:

Create a folder called x:\MyScripts (or whatever you like).

For example, the folder I use is d:\Scripts_byLilla

Save the code you write with an extension of .au3 to your x:\MyScripts folder. The .au3 extension denotes that the file contains a script written in AutoIt v3.0. Since you starting with AutoIt v3, you will not use the .aut extension. The .aut extension denotes that the file contains a script written in the older AutoIt v2.x

In SciTE Editor, to run your script, click on

Tools menu > Go

In SciTE Editor, to compile your script, click on

Tools Menu > Compile

In SciTE Editor, to tidy up your script, click on

Tools Menu > Tidy AutoIt Source

In SciTE Editor, it is fast to change a line (or more) and try it out.

When you are not in SciTE, r-click on the filename.au3

and choose Edit Script, Run Script, Compile Script.

Good luck,


Edited by Lilla
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