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Help Finding an Old Applet

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I've used a few FTP search engines, trying to find an old applet called 1st Dialer by NeuroBridge.  The filename
is dialer.zip.  It's about 320 KB.

It's listed here in this thread:


This applet is very small.  If it's not listed in any FTP directory, maybe one of you guys could upload it for me.

(Please, you don't have to ask about broadband.  Yes, I have broadband in my home and business.  My house is
in a very rural location.  I've used dial-up several times when my broadband dropped out.  It costs almost
nothing as a reliable backup.)

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I came from a Country where the Internet Connections are really bad and hard to find/have... I was using dial up connection few months ago and I use some scripts to deal with some tasks...
What would you like to do exactly? I don't have that file but maybe I can help you with a different solution or approach.



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The chances of anyone having that file are very low. It's from more than 10 years ago and the people discussing it in that thread haven't even logged onto the forums in over a year. I suggest you either find another dialer or see if alien4u can help you out.


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