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[Solved] Browser Automation in Android

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Hi All

I need to do some basic browser automation in Android.

Basic means:
- Attach to an already open browser
- Read/Write to a Textbox on the page (<INPUT TYPE="Text">)
- Click a button

I am flexible regarding what browser it will be - I can choose according to what makes the automation possible or more comfortable.

One more requirement:
It is an Android mini-pc that works alone, no Windows near it.
I mention this because in my search in the forums here, I saw an example of Android automation, that is based on using ADB.EXE which exists on a Windows machine, and that Windows machine is connected to (and controls) an Android device.

I need the automation here to be independent: Running on Android and controlling itself.

Thank you

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Moved to Developer Forum. Also, you do a great job of stating what you want. What about what you have tried on your own?

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11 minutes ago, JLogan3o13 said:

you do a great job of stating what you want. What about what you have tried on your own?

I have used Tasker extensively for the past 3 years,
it is a great and simple language for automating in Android,
yet it does not have anything for Browser automation..

Currently I do not have a direction, so I have no done anything yet, so that's why I ask for recommendations

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I am almost positive Selenium does what you're looking for. Unfortunately I don't know much about actually using it, but you might be able to find something.

Google gave me http://selendroid.io/ for android specifically.

EDIT: I also found http://appium.io/ which looks to be similar.

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Thank you very much anthonyjr2

After reading about them, it seems that they require a computer near the mobile device, that will be connected to the mobile device, and run the test on it.

It is not something that can independently run on the mobile device..

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  • 4 years later...

I'm updating this thread in case someone finds it thru the Search, and needs a solution.

The simplest way to do Browser Automation on Android, is to use a Browser that supports Add-ons, and then write the add-on with the web-automation code you need.

An example of such a browser on Android is Kiwi Browser.

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  • Zohar changed the title to [Solved] Browser Automation in Android

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