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Open application in same screen with script?

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I have a script that (among other things) runs the vDos DOS emulator program (www.vdos.info). On a two-monitor system, when vDos is run by itself (not launched by a script), it opens in the monitor where its shortcut is located. But when I run vDos from my script, it always opens in Screen 1. 

Is there any way to force vDos to open in the monitor that displays the script or the script's shortcut? I don't want to use WinMove, because vDos determines its initial size according to the size of the monitor, and I don't want it to start up with the size that's right for the first screen and then move it to the second screen (which may be too small for it).

Thanks for any help with this. I've searched the forum, but I've only found a suggestion to use WinMove, which won't work here.

PS I *think* the monitor with the shortcut will become the active screen when the user clicks on the shortcut, and maybe that provides a way of doing this, but, again, I don't know how to proceed from there.

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