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Some special characters not allowed within string


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Hi all,

As I'm a complete beginner to AutoIt I really hope I don't bother you with a maybe simple question that is already discussed in this forum, but I could not find a matching thread.

Trying to follow the beginners tutorial I found that early lesson where I have to use the Send command to send some text to an opened notepad window. Here I encountered a strange behaviour of the @CRLF macro: Used after the second string it only did a CR and not a CR + a LF as it did in the first concatenation. I found that the sentence in the second strin ended with an exclamation mark (!). When I substituted it by a dot (.) everything worked fine. Then I placed an exclamation mark in the middle of the string and the script started to do wild things and writing into my opened script file instead of the notepad window.

After that I tried to put all kind of special characters into a string and found that some more are at least not displayed (like ^°+~ and maybe more).

How can I use those characters within strings? It doesn't make any difference if I use single or double quotes to define the string.

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