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WinWait for Title with quotes syntax error

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Hi All, I am very new to AutoIt and scripting in general and would appreciate any help as I am sure there is a quick fix for this, I am just unable to figure it out.

My window Title is <ARWNLSString nlsTable="ariba.html.procureui" nlsKey="ReviewTitle">Checkout</ARWNLSString> - Internet Explorer

However, when I use WinWait with that title, I get a syntax error. I am assuming this is because my title has quotes embedded in it so it does not know where each quote begins and ends.

WinWait("<ARWNLSString nlsTable="ariba.html.procureui" nlsKey="ReviewTitle">Checkout</ARWNLSString> - Internet Explorer")

Any help advice is very appreciated!


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@kevin42036 welcome to the forum. Try a single quote around the outside:

WinWait('<ARWNLSString nlsTable="ariba.html.procureui" nlsKey="ReviewTitle">Checkout</ARWNLSString> - Internet Explorer')

You can also set the WinTitleMatchMode to 2 (match any substring), and do something like this:

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)


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