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PopupHandler_ Need urgent Help

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I need to develop a code through AutoIT for an POPup on Chrome browser.

So far have written also for same but it inputs username and password on the UI but on Clicking LogIn it vanishes and Login doesn't Take place.

Unable to Identify where is the Bug as I am a Novice for working on AUto IT.

Need a Resolution Urgently.

Attaching screenshot for same.



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@Swatcat welcome to the forum. In the future, please post your code using the Code Tags <>. Pictures are for Facebook, and forcing people to rewrite your code line by line discourages many from trying to assist you.

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How to get your question answered on this forum!

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Hi ,

I need to automate windows popuphandler through Chrome. 

I have developed below code , it inputs username and password but popup again appears and Login doesn't take place.

Also, I need to execute the below code in Vm ware.

Please could you all help me out as to where the code is wrong and what all enhancement need to be implemented.


ShellExecute("chrome.exe", "URL","","")
WinWait("URL","","10") ; this is the name of the window, according to AUTOIT v3 window info
If WinExists("URL","") Then
WinActivate("URL") ; set control to the window for proxy authentication
Send("usr{TAB}") ; send username and press TAB
WinActivate("URL") ; again set control to our window, in case that we have clicked somewhere else
Send("pwd{ENTER}") ; send the password and press enter

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Why did you create another Thread on the same topic in a different forum?

Please stick to this one


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