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WinSetTitle for third party software

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On 2/12/2017 at 6:09 AM, R0G said:

Are you sure the Window title is not being changed with WinSetTitle?

The title that you may think is not changing could be a label and not the Window title.

Thanks. The title I request with WinList is not changed... 

On 2/12/2017 at 5:23 PM, InunoTaishou said:

Try running your script as admin. Depending on the application you're interacting with, you need admin privileges from your script.

Thanks, I already do that. 

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16 hours ago, InunoTaishou said:

Time for some debugging then. What window are you interacting with? Can you get the handle to the window?

Yes I can. As a matter of fact I am using the handle to add to the window title. So I tested it on Notepad and there it works, but not on this 3rd party software. 

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Update: it is not caused by the software but  it rather has to do with user rights etc.

When software is located in c:\users\UserA\Desktop\Software

I could not change the title, with the tool running from the same location, with the same logged in user, even with adding #RequireAdmin

on a different computer I installed the software in :

If I install it in c:\Software

and the the tool on the desktop of userA, and it works....


So it could be this, or another difference between the computers. I will test some more

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      #RequireAdmin makes no difference in operation.
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