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How to reset progress bar that uses $PBM_SETMARQUEE


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I have a marquee-style progress bar that works just fine ... except that when the associated process stops, the bar stops updating and leaves the bar partially 'lit".  There was a reset style statement that was mentioned as a way to clear it, but it doesn't.

What's the proper way to "reset to 0"? ... equivalent to a normal bar's GuiCtrlSetDate($id, 0).

Thanks for any help.


Progress Not Clear.PNG

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Found it!


GUICtrlSetStyle($AProgress, $PBS_MARQUEE)

$BProgress was the handle to the control ... obtained with $BProgress = GUICtrlGetHandle($AProgress) ... which is required by _SendMessage.  

But resetting the control simply requires setting the style of the ControlID.

Maybe this post will help someone. 


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