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how to open internet explorer and how to tell if pc is idle?

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i am currently opening internet explorer using _RunDos command.. this works well but if the current user is using the net it replaces what they were viewing with the page i want the script to view. (replaces current page, instead of opening a new ie6 window)

also i would like to know how i can tell if a user is away from the computer, i.e. tell if the mouse and keyboard hasnt been pressed for last 5 min etc. or detect if screensaver is active.

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if the screen saver is active you will se it in the processlist as screensaver.scr or ?????????.scr

for the IE thing! look for winexist() function and related! you can easyly send a URL to a allready opened IE windows! or open a new one with a URL like gamerman2360 tel you!

maybe with _ispressed() and mouse function but that mean you will have a script running everytime to know if user is idle! i think it not a good solution! the tasksheduler is a good one.

in the group policies you can manage action if a session is becoming idle and do some action! like lock computer! check for tool like pstoolkit: pslist.exe to retrive process list from remote computer!

bye bye

hope this help

GreenseedMCSE+I, CCNA, A+Canada, QuebecMake Love Around You.

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