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Load Parameter to au3 file from TestComplete Automation Tool

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Hi All,

I started using AutoIt tool lately since my TestComplete tool is not supporting some features. The issue I face is I'm trying to send a Parameter externally to the .au3 file. When I hard-code the File name its working, but when I try to pass this through a variable(Since it changes regularly), code is not Working. You help is must needed. Below are the Code I used.


Sys.OleObject("WScript.Shell").Exec("cmd /c ""C:\Users\XXXX\Desktop\SSE_Click.exe Parameter1 """)

Actual Need:

varTest = "This is for Automation"

Sys.OleObject("WScript.Shell").Exec("cmd /c ""C:\Users\XXXXX\Desktop\SSE_Click.exe varTest """). When I try this its considering it as a String and Type as varTest. I tried to separate with concatenate operation and adding quotes. But its not working. 

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Can you explain further?

Your variable should be in the format $varTest = "This is for Automation" you can then use this in your commandline, however is SSE_Click.exe a compiled Au3 Script?  Or is this a third party app?  Also what is the Sys.OleObject... where is this run from?  Why not just use ShellExecute or Run functions?

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Hi Subz,

Thanks for the reply. Yes SSE_Click is Au3 Script. In TestComplete Tool , we need to Initialize the Object before using it. That's the reason I have used  Sys.OleObject  for Wscript. Also I'm not able to pass the String with the Spaces Ex: "Alarm Plant Siemens"

Code I use: Sys.OleObject("WScript.Shell").Exec("cmd /c ""C:\Users\jmichelle\Desktop\SSE_Click.exe Param1 "Alarm Plant Siemens"""")

I'm Sending 2 Parameters. I have used the CommandLine in Au3 script also. This throws the error

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