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Hi all. I'm new to AutoIT. So now having problem or i'm not understand how to make ControlClick based on input at .ini file

Example .ini file

name=rose (they have two type name rose and kiki it will change automate)

so now i need ControlClick function work follow this .ini file

if rose click yes

else kiki click no

And please help me on this to code.





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@Rammanan ControlClick is for clicking an object on a gui, is that what you are trying to do? Your post is pretty confusing. If you are trying to manipulate a GUI, is it one you have created, or a third party? What code are you using (rather than having us guess)? We need more information to assist.

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@JLogan3o13Thanks so much for reply. What i need is they have third party application so now i try to automate. i already done some part on that . so my problem is :-

They have msgbox ask ( your name is rose) if yes click yes else no.

The name will update in .ini file so now i don't know how to automate this part .

I think u will understand my problem.

Code that i'm using

If ($Name = "rose") Then
   ControlClick ("Notice", "" ,"Button1")
   ($Name = "sun") Then
   ControlClick ("Notice", "" ,"Button2")

Don't know its correct or not.



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