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A macro for a 2D game - Is this even possible?

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Hi everyone I am Jennifer and I am playing this stupid 2D game for some reason...

I am in serious need of help, not sure if this is doable though? To me it's impossible.

What I am trying to do is, well I suck at explaining but I'll do my best...

So in this game there is one way to obtain money, and that is via fishing. And to fish you first of all press S,

when you press S, this little "bar/menu" pops up on the screen. There you have an object, let's call it a ball.

Now the ball is randomly chosen where to be each time the bar/menu pops up. And within this bar/menu there is also a moving object,

and the thing is that you must press 'S' once the moving object is exactly (on/over) the ball. If you press S before or after it has passed the ball,

then you'll catch no fish. And you'll have to try again.. - And I am trying to make some sort of macro to do this but it seems impossible.

The thing is that, there is a moving object, and once the moving object is over another object, (which is randomly chosen where to be located each time),

you must press S. How could I even begin to code something to do that for me?

When pixel (#) for e.g #56771 - is found, a key will be "pressed" in this case (S). (But only when the moving object is ON the pixel)

So when pixel # is seen on screen and the moving object is ON/OVER the pixel (in the game client), it should press S.

And shortly after (a delay of 2~ seconds) it should press S again.

And then it will look for the pixel and once found, press S. And do so in a repeat.

Sorry if I explain badly.

1) Press S

2) Look for pixel # (When moving object is on this pixel, it should press S)

3) Delay of 2 or 3 seconds, then press S.

4) Repeat.

Is this even possible? Is it easy? To me it looks impossible and I have no clue what to do.

Really looking for some help, sorry if I come in here as a nobody and seems greedy or retarded.

But I really wish there is a possible way and that someone knows how to do this?

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@JenniferOne if you had bothered to read the forum rules you could have saved yourself all of that typing. Please read them now, especially the part about game automation, and you will see why this topic is locked. You will receive no help on this subject.

Please also read this section...


7. Do not repost the same question if the previous thread has been locked - particularly if you merely reword the question to get around one of the prohibitions listed above.

...before posting again.

√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

How to get your question answered on this forum!

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