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Not finding the right color

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I made this fishbot for WoW yesterday but it's not working. It won't click the color I tell it to. Any suggestions on it?

$wow = "World of Warcraft"
$title = "Fishbot"
$time_to_wait = 30000 
$MB_YESNO = 4 
$MB_YES = 6 
dim $start_time
HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "request_end") 
;<--Script Start
winSetState($wow, "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)
While 1
if TimerDiff($start_time) >= $time_to_wait then 
Local $Pix1 = PixelSearch(0, 0, @DesktopWidth - 1, @DesktopHeight - 1, 0xFFFFFF, 10)
Local $Pix2 = PixelSearch(0, 0, @DesktopWidth - 1, @DesktopHeight - 1, 0xE0ECE8, 10)
If $Pix1 <> 1 Or $Pix2 <> 1 Or $Pix3 <> 1 Or $Pix4 <> 1 Or $Pix5 <> 1  Then
    If IsArray($Pix1) Then 
    Send("{LShift Down}")
    MouseClick('Right', $Pix1[0], $Pix1[1], 1, 0)
    Send("{LShift Up}")
    If IsArray($Pix2) Then
    Send("{LShift Down}")
    MouseClick('Right', $Pix2[0], $Pix2[1], 1, 0)
    Send("{LShift Up}")
func cast_pole() 
$start_time = TimerInit() 
func drain_timer() 
$start_time = $start_time - $time_to_wait 
func request_end() 
if MsgBox($MB_YESNO, $title, "Are you sure you want to exit?") == $MB_YES then 
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what does control send do?

Straight from the help file


ControlSend works in a similar way to Send but it can send key strokes directly to a window/control, rather than just to the active window.

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I've seen other fishbots work like this.

; AutoIt Version: 3.0
; Language:    English
; Platform:    WinXP
; Author:        Mibz (Pantless Krab) (Edited)
; Script Function:
;   WoW FishBot.
; Wow Window Title - World of Warcraft
; WoW Window Size - w1032 x h795
; classname=GxWindowClassD3d
; Colour of splash - 0xA2A67D
;          0xC1AD7A
;          0xD0C08D
; Position of item -        x:44  y:226 (holds shift to loot)
; Position of hotkey 0 -    x:409 y:768 (types the key)

; Initial stuff
$time = MsgBox(3, "FishBot - Time of Day?", "Is it daytime?")
If $time = 2 Then Exit
WinActivate("World of Warcraft")
HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate")
opt("SendKeyDownDelay", Random(10, 25, 1))
opt("MouseClickDownDelay", Random(10, 25, 1))

; Script Start
While 1
    $start = TimerInit()
    While 1
        If $time = 6 Then
            $coord = PixelSearch(5, 300, 1024, 560, 0xF6F6F6, 30, 4)
            $coord = PixelSearch(5, 300, 1024, 560, 0xEEEEEE, 55, 3)
; 5, 300 - 1024, 560 can be changed if you want to search a wider area.
; Not recommended though since you can just adjust your view to fit all
; the water in that space. The bigger the area, the less likely it is to
; detect it.
; If the splash isn't getting detected then change the hex colour to
; something a bit closer. Top one is day, bottom is night.
        If UBound($coord) > 1 Then
            MouseClick("right", $coord[0], $coord[1], 1, 3)
            Sleep(Random(750, 1750, 1))
            Sleep(Random(350, 500, 1))
            $dif = TimerDiff($start)
            If $dif > Random(30200, 30700, 1) Then

; Function to exit script
Func Terminate()
EndFunc ;==>Terminate
Not sure if it works right now. This is the script that started me on AutoIt, :P. I added a few Random()s to make it harder to catch if Blizzard started looking for them or anything. Edited by gamerman2360
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Well, I think the only problem is that it can't tell where/when to click. So there will have to be another way to trigger it. I'm thinking either sound or fine tuning the color of the splash. If you want to follow the subject with sound go to http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...wtopic=4298&hl=. But you would still have to find out where the bobber is and turn off all sound except the bobber sound. I think its possible to turn off all sound except for the bobber and the whisper click.

Edited by gamerman2360
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If $Pix1 <> 1 Or $Pix2 <> 1 Or $Pix3 <> 1 Or $Pix4 <> 1 Or $Pix5 <> 1 Then

Where is the search for $Pix3/$Pix4/$Pix5?

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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