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[Solved]@DesktopWidth /height / imagesearch problem

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Hello there,

As i tried to use last 2 days imagesearch and failed to do it due an unknown error i found out that i have a problem with resolution si i've tried this thing


i was amazed when it returned 1270x720

now the problem with imagesearch in this place it's obvious right? now i ask a dumb question, how the hell is this possible, in display props i have 1920x1080

even when i set 1680x1050 it returns 1344x840

now i know probably there is nothing wrong with the autoit(i guess) and it's all about some strange stuff based on video driver, otherwise i have no damn idea what is

i have an windows 10 pro 64bit laptop with fresh install

can anybody tell me what's going on or an idea how to fix this thing...

thank you

even the autoit info tool on mouse shows max the returned resolution


Edit: i've found that if i compile the script and i set compatibility to disable display scaling on high dpi settings will do the trick,

anyone have an idea how to set this thing on script run?is there an option for disabling display scaling?

Edit2: if somebody will have this problem, i've set the autoit editor with disabled display scaling and it worked.

Regards, Emanuel

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