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Pixel search 2 colors when they are together

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Hello, I am trying to make a bot example and I need to get the script to click specific cordenates when 2 colors are together (orange and grey)

There is a bar that is quiet and another one moving from right to left and back again, so I need it to click specific cordenates when those 2 bars are in the same place, I will put an image explaining what I want.

I tried looking for codes like that but i didn´t find anything :(

I hope someone can help me thank you :) 

bars together explanation.jpg

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As I figured. You seem not to have bothered reading the forum rules on your way in. I suggest you do so now, especially the part about game automation, and you will see why this thread is locked. We welcome any legitimate scripting question you have in the future, but you will receive no help on this subject.

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How to get your question answered on this forum!

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