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AutoIt not able to identify ActiveX button control

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Hi All,

I am new to autoit. I am trying to automate a login scenario. The application is designed in VB6 & have VideoSoft ActiveX Controls. The buttons are all designed with VideoSoft Controls. Window Info tool is not able to recognise the buttons. Same is the case with Spy ++. Is there any way to include or link the OCX file into the autoit script/framework so that i can view the properties of buttons & perform any action on it. 




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@Sunny_87, welcome to AutoIt and to the forum.

AutoIt can handle native Windows controls, but there are many other ways of creating custom controls, e.g. Java controls and QWidgets, which AutoIt finds difficult to handle.

now, the web is teeming with things titled "VideoSoft". for us simpletons, please provide a link to the one that produced the said ActiveX control, so we may determine the best way to operate it. a screeshot of your "login screen" would be helpful, too.

oh, and do have a look at the forum rules and make sure you do not violate them, or the EULA of whatever service you wish to automate.

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Attached is the logon screen screenshot. Also i made a mistake the active x control is not from Videosoft, the active x contol is designed in house & attached is screenshot of component details for control. I have access to OCX file for control. I need a way to read the property of control and perform some action on it.


Component Details.jpg

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