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XO Game

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Written With Au3


Lets Improve It ? Do You See 8x8 Game Of X O ?


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It works :P

I'll love to see a bot included in the game for single-player!


I can see you've got the Function-thing sorted! I did not do that in my first script. :sweating:

First real thing you'd really have to improve on is your use of spaces, enters and lack of tabs. It looks so much cleaner when the structure is... structured. It's kind of a mess now, and I don't mean your code. Codes comes later when you learn.


And maybe include an icon command, instead of borrowing it from an .exe that could not be there.

Read about it here: https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/82936-change-autoit-exe-icon/


My active project(s): A-maze-ing generator (generates a maze)

My archived project(s): Pong3 (Multi-pinger)

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