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Silent Install with multiple switches?

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Hello All!

I may have just looked at this too long and am missing something obvious...I've read a ton of forum posts and tried many of the suggestions/examples but still cannot get an application to silently install via AutoIt. Below is a line that will install it - BUT - I need to be able to use variables as it needs to be portable. I must also used the prescribed switches - they are not optional. Any help is greatly appreciated!
WILL INSTALL if RunAsAdmin:  
RunWait('"C:\Users\mymachine\AutoIt\6.5.2_Setup.exe" /s /v"/qn /L*v "C:\Users\mymachine\AutoIt\ACD_Logs\%ComputerName%_6.5.2.log" SETUPFILE="C:\Users\mymachine\AutoIt\InsResp.dat"')

WILL NOT INSTALL: (as I said, I've tried many but this one seems to get me closest!)
RunWait('"' & @ScriptDir & '\EX_6.5.2_Setup.exe /s /v" /qn /L*v ' & @ScriptDir & "\ACD_Logs\%ComputerName%_6.5.2.log SETUPFILE=" & @ScriptDir & "\InsResp.dat" & '"', "", @SW_SHOW)

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