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On execution control jumps of to different application

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I am working on automating login popup on Firefox using AutoIT V3. Pretty basic.

Code as following


WinWaitActive("Authentication Required")





When this code runs, i can see login popup being auto filled by user and pwd i have entered.

OK button gets highlighted, but the control from browser jumps of to taskbar and clicks on 1st icon it finds next to start button(IE browser in my case), and then it stays there.

I am unable to find reason behind this.

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Trying to get this straight - your "pwd" string populates the password field and {ENTER} works and leaves you with an OK button to deal with but after a split second, the focus changes to your task bar?  What happens if you send a second {ENTER} to work on the OK button hopefully before the focus changes?  Other than that, with limited understanding of your situation, how about using ControlSend instead of Send?  Working directly with controls instead of the Window seems to be a better option when applicable. 

Meds.  They're not just for breakfast anymore. :'(

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