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Unable to Pause script until Enter key is pressed

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I am trying to write a script that will select a search box within an application. Once the search box is selected, I would like for the script to pause until the data is entered into the search box. At that point, I will hit the Enter key and I would like the script to continue. Can someone please advise on the best way to do this? Thank you for all your help, I have attached what I have so far.

; Set the Escape hotkey to terminate the script.
HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_Terminate")

;Open application
   MouseClick ("LEFT",711,1056)
   Sleep (1000)
   MouseClick ("LEFT",926,768)
   Sleep (500)
;Search for name
   MouseClick ("LEFT",1210,66)
   Sleep (500)

Until Send("ENTER")
Sleep (200)

;Selecting name
   MouseClick ("LEFT",93,202)

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