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Silent Installation / Update of my AutoIt script

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I have an AutoIt Script that has to be installed (and updated) manually with a "setup.exe" right now. I would like to add the option of a "silent installation". Currently the following steps are done when installing:

1. there is a self-extracting EXE created with "Squeeze" that calls an AutoItScript after everything is extracted
2. Read a value from the registry with RegRead (to know where my script need to be installed)
3. create some directories
4. copy the extracted files to the appropiate directories
5. create a shortcut on the desktop with FileCreateShortcut

I don't want to use "Squeeze" anymore since this tool is outdated and discontinued. So only actions 2 - 5 are needed.

I would like to have it like this:
- only AutoIt is used
- if the setup.exe (this should be an AutoIt script) is started with "/silent" then it should perform the silent installation
- if the setup.exe is started without "/silent" it should perfrom the "normal" installation with display's and MessageBox'es

Is there a "best practices" how to do that? Maybe someone else done this already and there are examples?

Thanks for helping

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Personally I prefer InnoSetup using the Quick Start Pack, its free and really simple to use and it also includes uninstaller so that it's packaged correctly so that users can install/uninstall.  You can use either of these silent switches with InnoSetup:

  • /silent - Includes progress Bar
  • /verysilent - No progressbar



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Ok, thank you

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